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Story challenges in the care of chronic kidney disease patient.


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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
March 2017


This study aimed to utilize the Story Theory of Patricia Liehr and Mary Jane Smith, the study proves that the theory will help the patient with chronic kidney disease express health challenges encountered in life and learn to realize and accept such change thus creating ease and comfort. A case study was done to assess patient . An interview guide questions was used to interact with the patient. On the conduct of the study the patient identified is in hemodialysis twice a week. Through nurse - patient intentional dialogue, a story is develop, awareness on the different signs and symptoms, and the health challenges met and how these challenges are resolved. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that the Story Theory plays a vital role in helping and resolving the many challenges a patient with Chronic Kidney Disease.


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