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Patient satisfaction and needs after cosmetic surgery.


Maria Ai Leen  A. Chiu

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
March 2012


This study delved on the perceived level of satisfaction before and after undergoing cosmetic surgery among patients in St. Vincent General Hospital. It also investigated the level of needs of patients prior to the surgery and those identified subsequent to the procedure.

 Randomized sampling was used to come up with the sample size. Another set of questionnaires were handed out during follow-up check-ups for the perceived levels of satisfaction and needs after cosmetic surgery.

 Results revealed that the respondents belonged to the early to middle adulthood phase. There were more females than males and homosexuals taking the procedure. Being single predispose the clients more likely to the procedure. Private employees ranked highest when occupations were classified. The common cosmetic surgery was breast augmentation. For the economic status, most number of respondents earned Php 240,000 annually.

 With the level of satisfaction on physical assessment, there was an overall improvement in the perceptions. However, a remarkable increase was inferred regarding appearance. In the analysis with the level of needs, physiologic needs were the greatly recognized need before cosmetic surgery because of the bodily discomfort experienced. After surgery, love and belongingness needs were the highly recognized need proving Maslow's Theory.

To conclude, there was a significant improvement in the perceived levels of satisfaction and needs after cosmetic surgery among the respondents. Based on Maslow's Theory, physiologic needs were identified as the greatest recognized need before cosmetic surgery. After being met, the need for love and belongingness had become distinct implying that better physical features effectually result to the need for affection and approval.

 If cosmetic surgery could incline individuals to a more productive state, then it would not be wrong to alter one's looks through surgery. With these improvements in their well-being, more contribution to society and the world therefore could be generated.


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