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Music as adjunct therapy in pain relief.


Maria Theresa M. Cangas

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical - Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
May 2013


Postoperative pain is a common experience for surgical patients. Although music has been shown to be useful and have advantages as an intervention for reducing postoperative pain, no study using different durations of music therapy has been proven yet. This study determined if music therapy as an adjunct therapy for pain relief was effective in reducing pain experienced by ninety postabdominal surgery patients. A quasi-experimental design, pretest-posttest music groups, with participants randomly assigned to classical music group with three subgroups [(15-minute (C1), 30-minute (C2) and 45-minute (C3)] (n = 45) and pop music group with three subgroups [(15-minute (P1), 30-minute (P2) and 45-minute (P3)] (n = 45) was utilized. Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) was used to measure pain scores during the postoperative period. Data were analyzed using the T-test of two independent samples, One-Way ANOVA and Chi-square for two independent samples. The results showed that both classical music and pop music groups had significant reduction effect on postoperative pain experienced by postabdominal surgery patients. Listening to music postoperatively for 30 minutes was the most effective duration compared with the 15-minute and 45-minute durations in reducing pain. The findings suggest that music therapy at 30 minutes duration was an effective adjunct therapy to reduce postoperative pain experienced by postabdominal surgery patients. Music therapy is indeed a simple and traditional pain management, thus, nurses can offer music therapy to postabdominal surgery patients for 30 minutes. Further study with a larger sample size is suggested and the effectiveness of different types of music should be examined to determine the reliability and validity of this finding.

 Key words: music therapy, pain relief, post operative pain, adjunct therapy

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