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Work-related disorders among call center personnel in Cebu.


Tanya Francia  P. Yap

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
March 2010


There is a projected rise in the number of call center agents in the Philippines. This rise has brought an extensive growth in the incidence of work-related diseases. Concern over safety and health conditions at work is among the major reasons worker leave their jobs. 

To respond to the safety and health issues in the call center environment, the proponent studied further on the health conditions of the call center personnel and proposed a health program that would solve the health problems in the work place. This study aimed to determine the health condition of call center personnel of call center agency personnel in Cebu within the period of Jan 2009 - October 2009 as basis for the proposed health promotion program. Specifically, it sought answers on the demographic profile of the call center personnel in terms of age, gender, and civil status; the work-related information derived from the respondents' data in terms of  type of account handled and the length of employment; the usual work-related disorders that the personnel experience in terms of respiratory, vocal, visual, cardiovascular, stress-related, gastrointestinal, reproductive, auditory, musculoskeletal and other disorders not classified; the distribution of work-related disorders of the respondents in terms of age, gender, civil status, type of account handled and the length of employment; any significant relationship between work-related disorders and demographic profile and work-related information and how the respondents perceive their current health and their working conditions.

The health records from the call a call center agency were analyzed and 2806 cases which were keyed in the graveyard shift from 10 pm to 8 am were used from the health records within the period of January-October 2009. As for the interview, 30 respondents were purposively chosen by the management. The interview was done for those who are still employed in the institution during the data collection period. The interview guide and some questions were adapted from the Occupations Safety and Health Administration-Department of Labor and Employment and assessment on the Technical Guidelines on safety and health for contact centers and Gordon's Functional Pattern for Health Perception was also utilized to determine the perception of the call center personnel regarding their perception and health rating.

Majority of the respondents are ages 22-30 years old, female and single. Most of the call center personnel belonged to the EBay account and had the duration of employment for 12-17 months. Respiratory disorder has the highest incidence among the work-related disorders while auditory disorder has the least. Most of the call center personnel as classified according to age, gender, civil status, type of account and length of stay has suffered from respiratory disorders. Stress-related disorder has the 2nd highest frequency followed by gastrointestinal disorders. There is a significant relationship between the demographic profile (age, gender, and civil status) and work-related information (type of account and length of stay) with the work-related disorders. A good faction of the respondents perceives their current health in a higher level. They have varied perceptions of health and most of them are satisfied with their working condition.

Based on the findings stated, the demographic profile( age, gender, civil status) and the work-related information (type if account and the length of stay) correlates with the work-related disorders, therefore, the occupational health committee should take in consideration the working condition  of the individual in the development of the disorders.  It is vital that they take these profiles of the workers when they are going to assess the health status of their personnel as well as basis for their health condition. A health education program on URTI prevention and stress management is proposed since the top 2 greatest frequency among the disorders are respiratory and stress-related. The investigator recommends the implementation of the proposed health program. There should be an innovation of the health program of the work place to address the health concerns and needs of the workers. The demographic and work-related information should be given emphasis also when health assessment is done.


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