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Standard replacement versus clinically-indicated replacement of peripheral intravenous catheters.


Alvin P. Gargar

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical – Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
May 2015


This study determined the occurrence of phlebitis, infiltration, and localized site infection between standard replacement or control group and clinically indicated replacement or experimental group, among patients with peripheral IV catheters. The author utilized a two-group, post-test only, randomized experimental design in a level 4 tertiary hospital in Cebu for a period of 30 days. A total of 80 participants who passed the selection criteria were chosen and equally divided into 2 groups of 40 members each using randomization. The control group had their peripheral IV catheters changed every 3 days while the experimental group had their peripheral IV catheters replaced only in the presence of complications. The outcome variables for the study were phlebitis, infiltration, and localized site infection. Findings revealed that the standard replacement group had a higher prevalence rate of complications compared to the clinically-indicated replacement group. Moreover, patients who stayed for 7-14 days had an increased likelihood of developing phlebitis and infiltration compared to those who remained for 4-6 days. Remarkably, peripheral IV catheters inserted by physicians had a higher rate of infiltration compared to nurses. Furthermore, nurses who had 2 years of experience were found to have lower incidence of phlebitis compared to those who had 3 years of experience. In conclusion, the risk of developing phlebitis and infiltration was not increased when peripheral IV catheters were replaced on a clinical-need rather than on a routine basis. Hospitals should consider adopting new guidelines wherein peripheral IV catheters are changed only in the presence of complications.

Keywords: peripheral intravenous catheters, standard replacement, clinically indicated replacement, phlebitis, infiltration, localized site infection

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