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Building bridges towards certainty: Lived experience of pregnant women in HIV voluntary counseling and testing.


Irish Grace M. Ramirez

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Maternal and Child Nursing
Publication Date
January 2019


       HIV voluntary counseling and testing is being offered for pregnant women as part of their antenatal care for early detection and to prevent potential problems such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This study explored the lived experience of pregnant women who underwent HIV voluntary counseling and testing. The study utilized the Husserlian phenomenology and was conducted in Cebu city.

      There were seven (7) key informants selected through purposive sampling. A face to face interview was done using the Key Informant Interview Guide (KIIG) that were translated into Cebuano and was transcribed, and analyze using the seven (7) steps of Colaizzi's method. There are three (3) themes and four (4) sub-themes that were culled out as follows: (1) Feeling of Uncertainty; (2) Receptivity amidst unfamiliarity with the following sub themes: (2.1) Openness to Learn; (2.2) Overcoming uncertainty and (3) Certainty Revealed with the sub-themes: (3.1) Expressions of relief; and (3.2) Facilitating learning. Submitting oneself for HIV voluntary counseling and testing is a choice positively adhered to by pregnant women. As observed, there was a feeling of uncertainty on the possible HIV result emerged before  and during the procedure. The feeling of uncertainties was generally rooted on one's partners' possible extramarital affairs. Meanwhile, informants' receptivity amidst unfamiliarity to the procedure was enhanced by their openness to learn the procedure and more importantly to get confirmation for the wellbeing of their fetus. With the knowledge and understanding of the procedure, they were able to overcome their uncertainties. Ultimately, the relief from their feeling of uncertainty enhanced their self-confidence after knowing that they are already HIV-free. Nonetheless, words of gratitude were expressed towards their counselors as they were facilitated in their learning on HIV and for the certainty of their HIV status. Hence, nurses should properly address the HIV-related learning needs of the pregnant women in order to lessen their uncertainties towards the procedure and instill positive outlook regarding their HIV status as for them to conscientiously undergo HIV voluntary counseling and testing to prepare them for future pregnancies.


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