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Conservation experience of an elderly with liver cirrhosis.


Marjorie A. Cosep

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Thesis Degree
Medical - Surgical Nursing
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          The study aims to use the Conservation Theory of Levine in care of a patient with Liver Cirrhosis. Specifically, the study answers the following: (1) the clinical profiles of the client in terms of: energy, structural integrity, personal integrity, social integrity; (2) the psychopathophysiology of Liver Cirrhosis; (3) the trophicognosis and nursing care outcome that can be formulated; (4) the nursing interventions that are rendered based on the fundamentals of conservation as categorized into: supportive and therapeutic; and (5) the nursing outcomes that are observed after the nursing intervention.

            The researcher uses a case study design. It is a single-case design which is intended for drawing inferences. The research was carried on at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) medical department IX which specialized in internal and non- communicable diseases with approximately 40 bed-capacity. The researcher uses a researcher-made assessment tool which comprises the guide questions that assess the health status based on the four conservation principle.

          Levine's theory is centered in encouraging adaptation and continuing wholeness using the conservation fundamentals. She also recommends trophicognosis as a substitute to nursing diagnosis. It is a scientific approach to reach a nursing care reasoning. Based on the analysis of the conceptual framework, the four conservation fundamentals which are energy, structural, personal and social are influencing factors in maintaining patient R.G's individuality. The unpleasant symptoms have showed an effect on his performance that leads to forming trophicognosis nursing interventions and outcome of care.

         The usage of conservation principle has helped in showing the complexity of human and how various concepts intercorrelated. This enables the researcher to understand patient's reaction to specific intervention and is guided in designing effective means to ameliorate his unpleasant symptoms.

        Levine's Conservation fundamentals are deemed useful especially in assessing social relationship that help patient to adapt to his current condition and understand how he sees himself. Furthermore, the fundamentals are found to be practical to organized theory -based assessment tool to gather and analyze data; in which guides the researcher to form trophicognosis, goals, nursing interventions and outcome criteria specific for elderly patient with Liver Cirrhosis.

        The conservation principle has been used by other researches and found to be versatile and such the researcher recommends the following to: (1) continue the use of conservation fundamentals even after the hospitalization; (2) utilize it with other patients suffering from other disorder; and (3) do further research about culture and how traditions affect patient's decision and adaptation.


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