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From testing to coping: The voices of people living with HIV/AIDS.


Mark Gilbert S. Milallos

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical - Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
December 2018


       HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a virus that attacks the immune system and deteriorates the body's defense system against infections that may lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS. This study aimed to explore the lived experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in Cebu, Philippines.

     The study utilized Husserlian qualitative phenomenological design and was done in Cebu, Philippines. There were 7 key informants in this study that were recruited through purposive sampling and research referral techniques. The researcher used an open ended interview guide where interviews were audio recorded, transcribed and analyzed using Collazi's method. Utilizing content analysis, 3 themes have emerged. The first emerging theme is, (1) Why get tested? With the following subthemes of, (a) Presence of Risky Behavior; and (b) Knowledge that lead to testing. The second theme is, (2) Challenges after diagnosis with subthemes of, (a) Psychosocial challenges; and (b) Physical Challenges. Lastly, the third theme is, (3) Response and Coping with HIV/AIDS with the following subthemes, (a) Establishing old and new networks: Support systems; (b) Socio-spiritual changes: lifestyle changes and being more religious; and (c) Moving Forward.

     The results recommend to the increase promotion of safe sex practices and health education about HIV/AIDS and increase the visibility of testing centers, community based advocates, and the advertisement of personal testing kits. The government must continue the support on PLWHA's which includes the provision of ARV medications and prophylactic medications. Mental health of PLWHA's should also be addressed as the presence of depression and risk for suicide is present. This signifies the importance of support groups and a need to increase the visibility of these support groups. This also recommends on the continuous support and encouragement towards positive changes on their lifestyle and sexual patterns. Religious sectors should embrace the struggles of PLWHA's and their desire to be closer with a higher being. There also a need to continue building self advocacy skills of PLWHA's. The researcher recommends a study on the experiences of women; relationship patterns; and different age groups including those who are in their teenage and senior years.

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