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Attributes of caring efficacy of the nurses working in mental health facilities.


Samikshya  Devkota

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Department of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Master of Science in Nursing major in Mental Healt
Publication Date
March 2019


         The quality of hospital services, efficiency, and nursing care usually take place independent of one another. Hospital programs and mental institutions usually implement staff-driven performance improvement programs on how nurses and staff, supported by leadership, can be actively involved in improving both the quality and the efficiency of hospital care. Hence, this study investigates the relationship of the nurse caring efficacy in the management of mental health clients. This is a correlational study design involving a total of 36 nurses from selected private and government mental facilities in Cebu City. But 5 of them refused to participate in the study; so, 31 nurses were included in the study who are asked about their experiences and caring efficacy with mental health clients.

        Results reveal that 38.7% of the nurses employed at selected mental institutions in Cebu City are still young within the age of 20-2, being fresh graduates of BS Nursing programs. They are predominantly inexperienced who have not undergone any single training about their task except for their internship in college. The nurses have perceived that their communications skills provided by them to mental patients are considerably good with the mean of 3.80. They received moderate support either from the management of mental centers or from their immediate superiors. In spite of this, the nurses' motivation to work is high and this is shown through the efficacy of their care provided to their patients.  However, considering all these factors, the job satisfaction of the nurses are not considerable good as shown in their responses that they are only slightly satisfied. The study found out that caring efficacy of the nurses is related to their work motivation (r=.561) and job satisfaction (r=.420). However, caring efficacy has no relationship to communication practices and leadership support. Lastly, no relationships are also established between nurses' demographic profile and caring efficacy.

      It is recommended in the study that job satisfaction and management support should be looked into by the management of mental institution to enhance work motivation and improved caring efficacy of the nurses working in these mental institutions.




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