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''It's never too late to create": A theory of creative aging.


Jose Mari Louis   . Alforque

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College of Nursing - Cebu Normal University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Gerontology Nursing
Publication Date
March 2016


      There are several ways in which the term 'creativity' is defined. It may be considered as an 'act' or an 'expression'. Its usage may depend on different perspective. Creativity is not just a state of mind. It is how people make use of their inherent abilities and make things worthwhile. At an earlier age, people do things in accordance to what is expected of them and moreover, doing things from their perspectives. Age is not a barrier to creativity. As we get older, we become more aware of new things in life. Creativity is a way of life, inspite of age. In older adults, creativity is something innate that is developed to better oneself, and on the other hand, an 'expression'; a way of doing things in everyday. In this study, a theory on creative aging was established through pertinent axioms and by developing relevant propositions. The evolved theory assumes that creativity is an innate ability of every person and will not stop at old age. Furthermore, the theory suggest that creativity in an individual is being motivated by certain factors that may limit or enhance creativity. Contrary to popular opinion, creativity does not diminish because of age. Mentally healthy people of any age remain creative and stable, especially with practice. An individual's creativity does not necessarily become less as they grow older. The key is to remain curious and be more explorative of the world and be engaged in it.

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